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Thiera Danyal 

Welcome to Your Healing Journey!

I specialize in treating individuals with anxiety,  depression,  life transitions, self-esteem, and personality pathology. I offer individual treatment services for those who are experiencing difficulties and impaired functioning in handling life's challenges. You will work one on one with me, and we will focus on identified treatment goals. I also offer group treatment to provide the support that you may not otherwise have access to during your healing journey. I facilitate group therapy for various problems and populations based on needs within the practice.

If you want to address specific personal projects, general conditions, and transitions in life by examining what is going on right now and discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be life coaching is available. Coaching may include communication skills, confidence & personal power, inner peace, and organization & productivity.

My mission is to build mental healthiness by empowering the mind through psychoeducation, mindfulness, and therapeutic treatment. I believe in the power of mindfulness to enhance the therapeutic process and developing the skills needed to encourage positive life changes. I focus on the individual to provide a specialized therapeutic experience.

What to Expect on Your First Appointment

Congratulations on taking the first step in your mental wellness journey!


This is most likely a very vulnerable time in your life, so here are a few tips to help you better understand the therapeutic process:

  1. Initially, it may feel weird to tell a stranger so much information about sensitive aspects of your life. It's okay, as therapists we recognize YOU are the expert on your life and will follow your lead throughout treatment. 

  2. There will be lots of paperwork, sort of. We try our best to minimize paperwork as if can be tedious, but it is a necessary evil to ensure quality care. If possible complete some of the paperwork prior to your first session to help move along the process. 

  3. It's okay to ask questions, in fact, we love questions! The therapeutic time we share is yours to define so the more questions the better. No question is too "weird" to ask. 

  4. Speaking of questions, we may not answer personal questions about our lives outside of being your therapist. Each therapist is different, however, we all agree maintaining boundaries protects you and your care. It's your time anyway, we'd rather talk all about YOU. 

  5. You may leave the session and not feel "better" and in some cases, you may feel worse. This is a totally normal experience. Therapy is about exploration and processing so what comes up doesn't always feel good. Don't worry we will help you through that too!

  6. Medication will not be prescribed after the first session. Medication can be helpful to address some of your symptoms, but it doesn't address the root of the problem. We are open to exploring and referring to a local psychiatrist, but it is not something that happens immediately.  

  7. No one, not even you, will know exactly how long treatment will take. Again, therapy is a process and takes time, so it's always best to trust the process. When you are ready, you and your therapist will discuss the appropriate transition of a care plan for you. 

  8. It's okay to be honest about your first experience. You have to feel comfortable with your therapist and if things aren't working out, that's okay! Give it a session or two then talk about how you're feeling about the interactions if you feel comfortable enough to do so. 

  9. If something does not seem clear, speak up. Make sure you understand all policies to avoid miscommunications later.

  10. Last, but not least, be kind to yourself for being brave enough to come into treatment. We are prepared and invested in your success and look forward to working with you!

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